July is World Watercolor Month

I’m joining!!



My Little Surfer Girl


Awwwwww, isn’t she a cutie? I enjoy taking pics, especially of my little girl…She’s got a heart of gold, and a will of iron! She can do anything she puts her mind to. I always have a fun time with her no matter what we’re doing! She  is my heart walking around outside my body! I love you Chelsey, thanx for always being there for me!!

Doing something you enjoy and helping others makes giving easy.

Chelsey and I have pledged to give back with our earnings on Etsy, so I have been poking around the internet to see what’s out there and who needs our money. What I’ve found is that not only are monetary donations accepted, but also items can be made and donated! So, I’m going to buy some red yarn to knit a scarf for the Red Scarf Project, for Foster Care to Success. They provide support for young people who have outgrown the foster care system and are enrolled in college or trade school. Who doesn’t need a little guidance and support when we’re on our own?  http://fc2success.org/what-we-do/programs/red-scarf-project/

Warm Up America is sponsored by Michaels, they are collecting 7X9 inch crocheted or knitted squares at their stores that they have made into blankets and donate to deserving charities. If you’re really good you can volunteer to help join the squares to make the blankets!


Can’t beat that, doing what ya love, using up scraps and helping someone…perfect!

Selling, keeping your sanity…

So the Etsy selling has begun, and I feel so intimidated and unworthy in the realm of business person/artist. I love a woman in charge of her own destiny, so why do I shy away from being assertive, confident and independent? I don’t know, maybe that little voice isn’t so little…maybe I need listen to others and not my own voice. My Mother said selling her watercolors was the hardest thing she’s ever done, and now I understand what she meant, it is like putting a piece of myself out there, and expecting rejection, why can’t I anticipate a positive outcome, why is it the negative I expect? I don’t know, maybe because I know all that went wrong or right when making something, I see the flaws and not the beautiful outcome…so I’m working on seeing the beautiful…It’s gonna be hard, but I am going to do it…and just because someone doesn’t like something I made, doesn’t mean they don’t like me right? right? huh? hmmmmm…I’m working on it! 🙂

Twitter, google reader, etsy, oh my! This social media thing is craaaaazy…there are sooooo many people vying for the world’s attention, don’t know how we ever sell a thing! It may take drastic measures….like maybe a crazy name for your Etsy shop…like    Sh!t Handmade! Yes I know, it’s not the most G-rated name, but I bet you’ll remember it! Our slogan, we make all kinds of crap…yup, I crack me up!!!  http://www.etsy.com/shop/shithandmade?ref=si_shop   Wish us luck!

Chelsey is guiding me through this adventure…she’s such a smart girl! Lucky me! I couldn’t have a better partner, I hope I’m as helpful to her as she is to me!

Feeling the needle when needle felting…ouch!

I have been needle felting and I must say I love it…until the needle hits your finger! I’m learning to keep my fingers out of the way but every once in a while, YIKES!! Luckily the pain doesn’t linger, the next day your fingertips aren’t sore, when I cut myself while making stained glass the pain is worse the next day, but for some reason needle felting doesn’t…and there’s much less mess with needle felting…so for now I’m making felt things!

A brooch for my coat or purse? hmmmm...

I’m bowled over!

I am so proud of myself, this past week I finally figured out how to make a bowl out of fabric and clothesline. I had attempted this project previously and had a lot of difficulty with it…I couldn’t keep the clothesline under the needle of the machine and there were stretches of clothesline that were bare and other spots with raw edges of fabric and threads sticking out all over…It was a real challenge and I was about to give up, but I was sewing with my favorite quilt ladies, and I just sat and watched and listened to them as they chatted about their projects and other quilts, they’ve made previously and they expressed angst, trials, errors and the final joy of a job well done and completed. So I started thinking about my current challenge that I was about to toss in the trash cuz I couldn’t get it right…and I thought, I want to feel that joy and satisfaction they’re expressing about their successful and triumphant projects…so after they packed up and left, I got out the clothesline, read the pattern again real good…and I prepped those 2 1/2 inch strips a little different than what was in the pattern, but worked well for me…and I pleasantly surprised myself! I’ve made 2 bowls, and I even made a little saucer out of the first trial clothesline that was so shabby and tattered and it really doesn’t look too bad…soooo don’t give up…I came across this quote the same day I finally found my groove on the bowls and it says it all……”Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.”   I agree!!!